Abuse – A Short Film

Today, I stumbled upon a short film that was created by student at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB).  It’s a short educational film on domestic abuse and violence against men, demonstrating different sorts of abuse a woman can inflict upon a man. Be it bullying, mind games, emotional blackmail, or physical, it’s all abuse, Continue reading Abuse – A Short Film

Ten Signs You Are In an Abusive Relationship

Nobody has the right to abuse you. Be it physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, economic, mental, or even spiritual abuse, it’s wrong, and no one should be subjected to it.  Each type of abuse can be extremely damaging and leave physical and emotional scars that could stay with the survivor for years to come. People don’t Continue reading Ten Signs You Are In an Abusive Relationship

Got Boundaries?

When people talk about setting boundaries they are generally talking about one of two kinds of boundaries: Physical Boundaries or Emotional Boundaries. Physical boundaries govern our need and right to physical space and safety, including needs and rights in sexual interactions with another person.  Emotional boundaries, on the other hand, govern Continue reading Got Boundaries?